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Dinning Table

For your home furniture design, tables as the necessary part of interior for your homes. Tables have its own place in everywhere, whether it uses in home furniture, office furniture, store
furniture. To make your place as a center of attention, always chooses an elegant and luxurious table. For your easiest, furniture galleria brings a huge amount of tables design which are easy to
use with the storage boxes as well as you can easily move it from one place to another. You can get best quality with the reasonable prices. We have introduced smart lock with finger prints in
our tables drawer, not only this but charging point and Bluetooth system also introduce in our customized tables on the behalf of customers choice.

Varieties of table
We have a different variety in our design which are:
1. Computer table
2. Dining table
3. Round shape table
4. Compact dining table
5. Center shape table
6. Wooden table
7. Customized table
8. Coffee table
9. Office table
10. Curve table
11. Small size table
12. King size dining
13. Italian design
14. Printed design

With the ambiance of design and prices, our quality of table wood is 100% pure. Under our expert carpenters and polishers, the finishing of our table have its own place. The carpenters used
pure mdf wood, walnut wood, sheesham wood. The furniture design of our table are always unique and different from others.
Online shop
You can shop our more furniture designs and table designs at www.furnituregalleria.pk